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Customer Agreement

Upon delivery of your photos, videos, slides and/or other personal documents to Bring It Back Scanning & Archiving (BIBSA), the customer agrees to “hold harmless” and acknowledge BIBSA has no liability in the event of damage to customer’s items due to flooding, fire, water damage, natural disaster, lost or other damage etc. BIBSA intends to use extreme care with your “order” and to return your photos/video in the same condition as received.

The customer agrees that the loss value of photo/video property will be no greater than the value of the scanning & archiving service. (Example: a scanning job valued at $100, is the value of materials lost).

While in possession, BIBSA agrees to store customer’s items (as space permits) in waterproof storage containers, to be kept in Belmond, Iowa and not sent out to third a party vendor. BIBSA will save the customer’s digital files on the appropriate size device such as a DVD, flash drive or external hard drive.

Customer agrees to provide payment and the return personal items within 10 days of notification that scanning/project has been completed, unless prior mutually agreed upon arrangements are made.

The customer has been provided a copy of the fee structure and understands final BIBSA invoice will be calculated based on the actual number of photos scanned times the applicable rate, per size of photo.  Optional editing services are available upon request and will be charged accordingly.

Privacy Policy: The following privacy policy explains and covers our customer’s experience with Bring It Back Scanning & Archiving. Information collected from the customer will include; Name, address, phone, email, cash payment, credit card or personal check. Once payment is complete all sensitive credit card information will be private and not stored in computer software/servers. This in-home business will not use or save any information for any business to business sharing purposes. We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. We will comply with HIPAA rules and regulation. We will not distribute, share, or sell images that we scan from film, slides, photos, video tape or any other media without personal consent. All images will be purged from our electronic storage devices following the completion and satisfactory return of the customer’s order.


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